The Laser MicroJet® Integration Package (LMJ-iP) principally consists of three main components; the laser source, the water pump containing the water treatment, and the optical head with camera, supplied for customer integration.


Depending on the application, various laser sources are available, which are all fiber-coupled. The water treatment unit is for de-ionizing and degassing the water, so that only standard tap water is required.

The optical head comprises several modules; delivered as an integrated system, including the motorized laser light-beam focusing unit, the water jet coupling unit and camera housing.  Available cutting nozzle sizes range from 30-100µm.

Key Benefits

  • Flexibility 
    • Integration into production facilities from other suppliers/ technologies 
    • Wide range of applications in numerous industries 
  • LMJ Quality 
    • Proven, proprietary technology 
    • Cold, clean and consistent laser 
    • High precision and speed 
  • Cost-Effectiveness 
    • Lower manufacturing costs per unit 
    • Increased yield 
    • Low cost-of-ownership solution 



General Specifications

Version   LMJ-iP
Laser type   Diode pumped solid state Nd:YAG, pulsed
Wavelength nm 1064, 532
Average power  W 50, 100 or 200
Optical fibre  µm  100, 150 or 200
Water pump/ water treatment   Various models 
Optical head   Standard/ Compact (with slimmer coupling unit)