OEM Partnerships

As part of Synova’s continuous commitment to advance and expand the capabilities and performance of its water jet-guided technology, Laser MicroJet®, Synova has established agreements with leading technology players. Synova's Distribution OEM partners have a licence to integrate the Laser MicroJet® technology in their own machines and sell their machines with our technology inside. Synova's Manufacturing OEM partners deliver their machine platform to Synova, who adds the Laser MicroJet and sells the machine.

To date, Synova is involved with the following partners:  



Makino Milling Machine Co. Ltd (Tokyo) signed an OEM agreement with Synova SA in 2019 for the manufacturing of Laser MicroJet® (LMJ) machines based on Makino machine technology. Target markets for the new LMJ machines are high-precision metal and hard-material processing industries such as Aerospace, Energy (Industrial Gas Turbines), Defense, Medical, Automotive, Tool Making, and General Micro-Machining. The new machine series (Luminizer LB 300 and LB 500) are built by Makino and sold by Makino Japan.



SAI IMPEX and SMD RAYS logo combined NEW

SAI Impex and SMD Rays, India, are system integrators using Synova Laser MicroJet Integration Package (LMJ-iP) kits to build water jet laser cutting systems tailored to customer requirements. Surat-based SAI Impex caters to the Indian domestic market. SMD Rays, located in the Special Economic Zone (Sachin, State Gujarat-India) handles export orders. Associated with Synova since 2010, Sai Impex and SMD Rays ’s area of competence is in industrial applications.





CBFerrari Logo

Since 2019, Synova and CB Ferrari have teamed up in the promotion of the Laser MicroJet technology. Together they have developed a precise and robust LMJ machine with five simultaneous axes. CB Ferrari manufactures high-end precision milling and laser machines in Italy since 1966 (170 employees, 2 locations, >4’500 machines in the field). Our customers can benefit from high-quality and production-proven equipment with water jet guided laser technology as well as a strong customer support.