Semiconductor Dicing Systems

Semiconductor dicing and grinding systems are able to perform cutting and scribing of brittle thin wafers, such as low-k or compound wafers, as well as multi-directional 2D-cutting providing engineers with the capability to create new chip shapes spanning T-cuts and circular designs with the same quality as standard die patterns. The gentle Laser MicroJet® (LMJ) method enables the cutting, grooving and dicing of sensitive materials resulting in smooth edges, high wafer fracture strength and less risk of breakage.

Synova’s LMJ systems are low-cost-of-ownership tools that demand very few consumables and no tool wear. The high-throughput capability especially for thin wafers combined with its nearly damage-free technology (no HAZ, chipping, micro-cracks, burrs or deposition) allows customers to realize cost benefits by increasing yield. 

LDS (Laser Dicing Systems)

LDS 300 M

LDS 300 M

The Laser Dicing System is primarily designed for semiconductor back-end processing; mainly wafer dicing and scribing applications. The LDS 300 M requires manual loading. Wafer alignment and kerf check are performed automatically. Synova’s new 300 mm (12”) wafer dicing system integrates a maintenance free fiber laser.

LDGS 300 A

LDGS 300 A

The LDGS 300A is a fully automatic laser dicing and edge grinding system. It is suitable for dicing, edge-grinding, drilling and slotting of wafers. It provides excellent capabilities for the removal of micro-cracks on the wafer edge, improving at the same time the fracture strength.

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Typical Applications

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