Application Development

Synova’s application laboratory is available to demonstrate the feasibility of the use of Laser MicroJet® for your particular application.

Procedural steps

  1. If you are interested in seeing how Laser MicroJet® can improve your manufacturing processes, please send us a short description of your application (material, thickness, process, requirements). Please use the following Customer Sample Request Form (CSRF) available in English, German or French.
    docEnglish Request Form
    docGerman Request Form
    docFrench Request Form

  2. We will respond immediately to confirm receipt of your request and discuss next steps.

  3. If Laser MicroJet fits your application, we will ask you to send us samples and a detailed description of your requirements.

  4. We will process your samples within a period of one month. You also have the possibility to take part in the tests. 

  5. We will then send back the processed samples together with a technical report including parameters and microscope images.


Are you interested in a demo or feasibility test?

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