LMJ Sensors & Process Control (Industry 4.0)

Synova has developed advanced sensor technology and process enhancements allowing full control over the Laser MicroJet (LMJ) process. These industrial automation sensors make the LMJ a truly robust manufacturing technology.

1) Sensor Technology

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1. Automatic laser power measurement

2. Automatic jet positioning sensor

3. Automatic laser-nozzle alignment

4. Automatic workpiece alignment

5. Automatic jet angle correction

6. Automatic jet stability control

7. Automatic breakthrough detection

8. Automatic touch probing

9. Automatic laser pulse monitoring

10. Automatic data logging 


2) Process Enhancements

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1. Water jet stabilization with gas flow

2. Thin water film

3. High power stabilization

4. Jet protection system

5. Optical head for 3D machining

6. Micro coupling unit

7. LaserTape

8. LMJ nozzle

9. Cutting strategy

10. Dual laser

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