Laser MicroJet Benefits

Medical devices necessitate high quality, high-precision manufacturing. The Synova water jet guided laser machines allow cool and clean cutting processes without heat affected zone, deposition, or burrs.


Synova stent Nitinol 388x271

In the medical sector, the Laser MicroJet is primarily used for the high-quality manufacturing of medical devices such as implants, blades, stents, tubes (i.e. cannulas, needles, or endoscopes) as well as electronic components for implants.

The manufacturing is performed with no/very low thermal damage or material changes, excellent tolerances and surface finish, high biocompatibility, and significantly reduced post-processing.

The Laser MicroJet can cut, drill, slot, groove, mark, scribe, slice, or dice with a high degree of precision, speed, cleanliness, and reliability. The problems related to heat damage, post-treatment, debris, deposition, or focal point are entirely removed.

LMJ machines can process a wide range of materials typically used in the medical industry, including nickel-titanium, cobalt chromium, stainless steel, platinum-chromium, Phynox, magnesium alloys, silicon, CVD diamond and platinum-iridium substrates.


Performance capabilities
  • High precision (+/- 3 µm)
  • Repeatability-precision, reachable tolerance = +/- 2 µm
  • Precise realignment by camera: +/- 3 to 5 µm
  • Narrow and parallel cuts (down to 25 µm kerf width)
  • No deposition, no burrs
  • Minimum roughness ≥ 0.12 µm on thin metal substrates
  • Cutting ratio of up to 1:100 (kerf width: depth)
  • Hole drilling ratio of up to 1:20 (diameter: depth)
  • Cutting speed according to quality and thickness: up to > 10mm/s effective cutting speed
  • Any cutting geometry is possible
  • No weakening of the material strength, especially in stent cutting

Main Applications

2D/3D-Cutting of medical devices and tools:

  1. Cardiovascular flat stents (CoCr, NiTi, Cr-Pt, stainless steel, magnesium alloys). Main manufacturing task: Cutting stents out of a sheet.

  2. Implant components, e.g. electrodes and electrical connectors for ear implants (Pt/Pt-Ir substrates). Main manufacturing tasks: Cutting, drilling.

  3. Surgical tools and scalpels (Steel, carbon steel, tungsten carbide, ceramics, or silicon). Main manufacturing tasks: Cutting out of slots, cutting of complex shapes, cutting wafers, edging, drilling, and grinding.

  4. Tubes usually used for intravascular operations, e.g. cannulas, needles, or endoscopes (Steel, stainless steel, titanium, nitinol, NiTi). Main manufacturing tasks: Cutting out of slots, complex cutting, micro drilling of holes, edging. Tube wall thickness usually varies from 30 microns to 600 microns.

  5. Electronic components for implants as part of transducers, pacemakers or auditory devices (Platinum-iridium substrates, nitinol). Main manufacturing tasks: Slicing, cutting, slotting, drilling.



"Our machine, the LCS 150, enables contactless operation. It achieves a 'white cut' - there is no pollution, no deposits. It delivers a clean cut, a crucial attribute in the medical field."

(Norbert Giraud, CEO, Microweld)


“In our research for advance laser cutting technologies that was performed four years ago, we studied few methods and companies. Synova Water Jet technology demonstrated very good cutting capabilities i.e. accurate stage, small cutting burs, smooth cutting edge as well as small heat affected zone that is essential to our products (provided by the water chilling effect).

We decided to choose Synova technology for our product cutting stage. After all customization activities were complete, the machines are demonstrating high yield performance, good machine reliability and easy to use platform."

(Yaki Sidis, Engineering Manager, Medinol Ltd.)


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