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Laser MicroJet Benefits

Synova offers fast and accurate laser machining solutions for the tool manufacturing industry.


LCS 50 tool machining

Laser MicroJet (LMJ) systems are able to cut a wide range of materials such metals, ceramics, ultra-hard materials and carbide substrates as well as non-conductive materials such as SCD.

The laser cutting systems with 3 axes are ideal for 2D cutting, drilling, grooving or slicing of PCD, MCD, PcBN or CVD diamond tool bits, leaving smooth cutting surfaces and sharp edges.

 The 5-axis machines enable high-precision 3D ablation (shaping) for cutting single or multiple clearance angles and chamfering K-land edges. Furthermore, the LMJ technology allows homogeneous step-free cuts between diamond layer and carbide.

All machines are based on Synova’s hybrid water jet/ laser method (LMJ) that combines the advantages of water and laser cutting into one operation. The laser beam is entirely contained within the water jet as a cylindrical beam, similar in principle to an optical fiber, resulting in perfectly parallel kerf walls. Contrary to results achieved by conventional lasers, Synova’s wet approach offers a less aggressive cutting process without heat affected zone (HAZ) and micro-cracks that can weaken the material’s fracture strength. Notably, since the LMJ produces damage-free edges, it eliminates the need for extra processing steps, such as etching, grinding or cleaning and therefore reducing manufacturing costs.



Performance capabilities
  • Materials: PCD, SCD, natural diamond, PcBN, carbide
  • Maximum thickness: 10 mm (PCD/ WC drill bits)
  • Average thickness: 
    • 1.6 mm for PCD/ WC inserts
    • up to 2 mm for SCD
    • up to 4.7 mm for PcBN
  • Operations: Roughing, finishing, clearance shaping (with evolving clearance angle, if needed)
  • High speed: 
    • 2D cutting of 1.6 mm thick PCD/ WC: 5 mm/ min
    • 3D cutting (one clearance angle) of 1.6 mm thick PCD/ WC: 2.5 mm/ min
  • Low roughness on PCD: 
    • Ra between 0.1 and 0.3 µm
    • Rz below 2 µm
  • Waviness: less than 2 µm
  • Chipping: less than 1 µm

Main Applications

Cutting diamond tool inserts for milling machines/ drilling machines


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