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In the early nineties at the Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (Switzerland), Synova’s founder successfully developed the world’s first water jet guided laser - a groundbreaking technology previously attempted by many scientists without success.  A milestone achievement in laser history, Synova’s proprietary technology, Laser MicroJet®, combines a high-pressure water jet with a high-power laser beam usable for material ablation.

The advantages of this hybrid process are significant: ultra-precise, fast, clean and efficient cutting with a narrow kerf width and virtually no heat damage, contamination and beam divergence. This new ‘wet’ material processing method is, in many regards, superior to existing technologies such as conventional lasers, electrical discharge machining, diamond blade saws, chemical machining and high-pressure water jets.

As the sole inventor of Laser MicroJet®, the company maintains all rights to this technology. In over 20 years of accumulated expertise in liquid-guided laser technology, Synova holds more than 100 international patents and trademarks.


Patent families:

  • Gas enveloped liquid jets              
  • Thin water film                 
  • High power stabilisation (diaphragm)                              
  • 3D Optical head               
  • 3D Jet detection               
  • Processing strategy                        
  • Fluid Guiding (micro-coupling unit)                        
  • Back-strike protection (as exclusive license from GE Aviation)
  • Breakthrough sensor                     
  • Jet Protection System                                    
  • Nozzle Wear sensor                   
  • 3D-shaping                        
  • Automatic jet angle correction   
  • Automatic laser focus alignment          
  • Laser coupling                   
  • LMJ Power-meter   


  • Laser MicroJet®
  • LMJ®                      
  • Synova®                   
  • LaserTape®                            
  • HybridDicing®                        
  • HybridCell®                         
  • SLA® (Selective Laser Ablation)                          
  • DaVinci Diamond Factory® 

Synova continues to invest strongly in the research and development (R&D) of water jet guided laser technology, as well as other hybrid technologies. In doing so, Synova actively collaborates with renowned R&D institutions and universities to discover new applications and develop next-generation systems for advanced technologies.


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