Laser MicroJet:
A unique, water jet guided laser technology

Parallel laser beam

Synova has made possible what physically seems to be impossible. No focus, no taper, thickness range from microns to centimeters


No HAZ, depositions or burrs. No weakening of the material

Highest quality and accuracy

Micron precise, smooth edges, sharp corners


24/7 production & integration into fully automated production lines


Low cost of ownership (few consumables, low tool wear)

What we do?

LMJ Machines

All Synova laser cutting systems are based on the unique Laser MicroJet technology, performing highly accurate and fast machining without thermal damage, taper and depositions. LMJ production machines have a proven performance of 97% uptime (semiconductor industry).

LMJ Lab Services

Our application laboratory is available for sample testing, feasibility studies and application development.

Are you interested in a test?

LMJ Job Shop

We offer ‘job shop’ cutting services at our headquarters and international MMCs. Quick and hassle-free, ideal for prototypes and small batches.

LMJ Integration Package

With the LMJ-iP Synova provides customers with the flexibility to integrate core LMJ components into existing production facilities.

LMJ License (NEW)

The Laser MicroJet technology, including IP portfolio, is now accessible to interested parties through licensing.

Industries we serve

Aerospace & Energy

Turbine blades, shrouds, vanes and other aero-engine components, satellite sensors

Semiconductor & Photovoltaics

Silicon wafers, integrated circuits, smart cards, sensor chips, MEMS, solar cells


Natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds (CVD, HPHT)


Tool inserts, superhard materials such as PcBN, PCD, SCD and CVD diamond


Surgical instruments, implants, tubes, flat stents, electronic components


Watch movement components such as toothed wheels, decorative parts

Who we are?

It all began with the invention of the liquid jet guided laser at the Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland in the 1990s.

Synova is now a company with global reach. Our focus lies on delivering high-quality cutting solutions and services to our customers.

What makes us unique?


Years of experience in laser-machining


Years of commercialization


Employees, among them 30 R&D engineers


Global LMJ competence centers


National and international awards


Application tests


LMJ machines installed worldwide


Million USD invested in R&D



We are honored


William M. Steen Award 2022 for "5-Axis Laser MicroJet"

Laser Institute of America, LIA 


Technology Innovation Award (Europe, Israel, Africa)

Frost & Sullivan


Laser MicroJet: One of “World’s Most Amazing Breakthroughs in Science & Technology”

McGraw-Hill Yearbook of Science & Technology, U.S.A.


Second Best Tool for Wafer Processing

EuroAsia IC Industry


European Award for technology Innovation

Frost & Sullivan


Entrepreneur of the Year 2004 (Finalist) 

Ernst & Young


Förderpreis Technopark Zürich

Technopark Zürich

Technologiestandort Schweiz

OSEC, Swiss Center for Trade Promotion

Sonderpreis Espace Mittelland

Cantons of Central Switzerland



Swiss Innovation Promotion Agency, Bern

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They trust us

We count companies from various industries among our customers. Here is a selection of our valued clients.

What they say about us

“This signifies a substantial enhancement in precision. Our LMJ machine stands apart from typical machines, as it can achieve cuts of several centimeters with an astonishing accuracy range of 3 to 5 microns.”

Mr. Giraud, Microweld, France

“The Laser MicroJet (LMJ) from Synova offers exceptional laser machining capabilities. The gentle machining process allows the production of highly accurate parts without causing heat damage, deformation or other material changes.”

Mr. Kido, Makino Milling Machines, Japan

“The microjet slices through CMCs like a knife through butter.”

Kurt Godwin, General Electric, USA

“We would like to acknowledge Synova’s proactive approach in understanding our requirements in detail and implementing these as best as possible in our DCS 300 and are happy to say that the Laser MicroJet technology has proved itself as the next frontier in laser diamond sawing.”

Venus Jewel, India

“... we’re implementing technology that not many companies have access to. That includes the Synova laser cutting machine, which is the most advance technology available today.”

Yoram Dvash, President of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE)

“ The Laser-Microjet is a “black swan”, meaning an event that happens very rarely – a true disruptive technology!”

Benjamin King, KingBrokerage, USA

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