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Laser MicroJet Benefits 

Synova’s advanced Laser MicroJet (LMJ) systems with 3 or 5 axes are perfectly suited for cutting rough diamonds in the diamond industry.


Straight cut Diamcad 3rd diamond CS DF 3 5x

The LMJ technology is a hybrid method combining a laser with a hair-thin water jet that precisely guides the laser beam by means of total internal reflection at the water/ air interface. The cylindrical beam results in precise parallel kerfs and tight kerf widths in high valuable goods like gem diamonds leading to significant less waste material. Customers therefore benefit from marginal weight loss and higher yields.

The water jet cools the cut zone of the stone resulting in very smooth side wall surfaces. Compared with conventional laser methods, diamond manufacturers report that the Laser MicroJet with its inherent water cooling capability helps to reduce the damage rate in diamonds drastically, especially in tension goods.

The liquid-jet LMJ technology doesn’t require any focusing or distance control and therefore helps to avoid operator’s mistakes. With the LMJ the laser gets focused from the nozzle and is then guided by the water jet. The focusing point always remains the same, eliminating the need for the time-consuming “blackening”-procedure and enabling high production rates.

LMJ is also very suitable for processing CVD and HPHT diamonds, especially for slicing thin and parallel to any crystalline orientation (±0.1°) of any crystals or simply for coring applications of CVD material.


Performance Capabilities
  • Parallel kerfs of 40 to 65 micron, depending on nozzle size
  • Significant lower weight loss compared to conventional laser
  • Very smooth side walls with extremely thin black layer that is easily cleaned off
  • Up to 3 times faster processing compared to conventional lasers
  • Slicing of thin parallel slices (7x7 mm) in only 7 min.

Main Applications


  1. Cutting and pie cutting of rough diamonds
  2. Round bruiting and fancy bruiting of rough diamonds
  3. Blocking/ faceting of diamonds
  4. Drilling of straight holes in diamonds
  5. Coring and slicing of CVD diamonds  
  6. Re-cut of polished diamonds


Customer Sample Request Form

If you are interested in seeing how the Laser MicroJet® can improve your manufacturing processes, please send us a short description of your application (material, thickness, process, requirements).

Therefore please use the electronic form CSRF available in English, German or French:

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 "... we’re implementing technology that not many companies have access to. That includes the Synova laser cutting machine, which is the most advance technology available today."

(Yoram Dvash, president of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE), in an interview with Rapaport News)


“We only have 0.05% damages in diamonds with our Laser MicroJet machine and that is only due to heavy tension. We don’t have any other type of damage with the water jet laser cutting machine. We are working 24/7 with the water jet guided laser and damaging is very low with this method compared to other lasers.” 

(Rosy Blue, Thailand)


“We would like to acknowledge Synova’s proactive approach in understanding our requirements in detail and implementing these as best as possible in our DCS 300, and are happy to say that the Laser MicroJet technology has proved itself as the next frontier in laser diamond sawing.”

(Venus Jewel, India)



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