Feb 14, 2024

Collaborative Innovation: Effortless Diamond Turning

We're pleased to share the successful completion of an ambitious project within the industrial diamond industry, which has been supported by Innosuisse.

This innovative project emerged from a comprehensive six-month feasibility study, conducted in collaboration with leading companies such as Richemont, XRnanotech, Qnami, and NanoCut Sarl, alongside esteemed research entities like the Paul Scherrer Institute. This collaboration between corporate and academic partners has culminated in a groundbreaking advancement in the development of a solution for effortless diamond turning of optical and mechanical functional parts.

This achievement showcases the power of collaborative innovation, effectively connecting end-customers and academia towards a common vision. 

We would like to express our gratitude to the Innovation Booster Microtech for its support, which enabled our team to launch this collaborative innovation project smoothly and efficiently.

For further details about this project, we invite you to watch the interview of Jeremie Diboine, our R&D Project Manager at Synova SA.

Watch the video here