Jan 23, 2024

FLASH Project : A New Adventure with Horizon Europe

We are pleased to announce our participation in the FLASH project, a collaborative initiative aligned with the Horizon Twin-Transition call. This new project brings together 18 entities from academia, research organizations, and industry players, focusing on advancing hybrid and reconfigurable manufacturing.

We are proud to collaborate with Prima Additive, serving as a machine integrator, leveraging our unique Laser MicroJet® technology alongside their extensive laser processing capabilities. Additionally, we'll team up with Cailabs to develop a versatile laser and optical delivery system. The outcome will be a new generation of laser processing cell capable of surface texturing, high-performance cutting and welding, as well as high precision water jet guided laser cutting using the LMJ technology.

A key focus of this project is our commitment to sustainable manufacturing. We'll be focusing on energy-efficient processes and comprehensive life-cycle assessments.

We are honored to be part of this ambitious project and look forward to collaborate with inspiring partners.