Dec 2, 2022

The Synergie of Water and Light - New Synova Company Video

As a laser technology and engineering company, we have been developing innovative machining solutions based on our water jet guided laser process for over 25 years.

Our goal is to meet the high quality and precision demands of our customers, whether in the aerospace, semiconductor or jewelry industries and no matter how demanding the machining tasks may be.

We focus on continuous innovation and we trust in the synergy of water and light. And you?

Discover more about what drives us in our new company video!

"Water and light are such powerful forces. Both can be strong and gentle. Precise and all-encompassing. The most impressive elements in the world. And sometimes even frightening.

What if we could use water to tame the force of light and create groundbreaking new technologies that literally shape the world of high-tech, health, aerospace and jewelry?

Synova began with this idea, and it continues to inspire us, every day. We are pioneers in the field of laser technology and the inventors of the water jet guided laser. By combining the elements of water and light, we have created a revolutionary cutting technology, the Laser MicroJet. This cool and clean method, with its unique cylindrical laser beam, provides state-of-the-art, award-winning solutions for cutting, drilling and milling without thermal damage or particle buildup, and with constantly parallel kerfs.

We’ve delivered hundreds of advanced laser machining systems, designed for applications like drilling cooling holes in turbine blades, faceting rough diamond stones and processing wear parts for semiconductor equipment. From the most delicate ceramics to the hardest materials found on earth, our high precision machines are shaping the Diamond, Semiconductor and Metal Industries of today and tomorrow.

We've been perfecting this technology since the mid-90s when we founded our headquarters in Switzerland. Today, we employ over 120 people, including 40 engineers who focus on researching new laser machining solutions.

This continual innovation allows us to tailor our versatile and precise Laser MicroJet systems to solve even the most intricate machining tasks. Isn’t the fusion of water and light amazing?

But that’s not all. To put our customers first we employ a global network of Micro-machining centers. From here we visit our clients regularly to ensure proper maintenance and maximum system efficiency. Additional online customer service offers fast troubleshooting and support worldwide. With subsidiaries in North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, our water jet guided lasers flow to all corners of the world.

From jet engines to wristwatches: you can rely on our water jet guided laser technology to shape your products to your vision.

We trust in the synergy of water and light. And you?

Synova. Your partner for cutting-edge laser machining solutions."